Q- Do you offer refunds and exchanges?
A- Yes we offer refunds and exchanges please see our "Return Policy" page for more info.

Q- How long does shipping usually take?
A- Shipping time always depends on what item/s you ordered and which country the package is going to. For US orders most items arrive between 1-2 weeks. Everywhere else the average is 2-4 weeks.

*It's important to note certain items ship from our partner facilities. Some orders may show up in multiple packages.


Q- How can I get an update and track my order?
A- Please enter your email and order number into the form on our "Tracking Orders" page. OR you can email us at contact@strongstylebrand.com


Q- What about international duties and taxes? (Outside of US orders)
A- Unfortunately we have no control over these types of charges, as customs policies & import fee's are different from country to country. Any customs or import fees are charged at the time of import at the destination country. These fee's will have to be paid by the recipient. We do not take responsibility for these costs and do not offer compensation for them.


Q- My package came in but is missing an item. What should I do?
A- Most of the time the reason you are missing an item is because some of our items ship from a different printing facility and is arriving in a separate package. Don't worry you won't have to pay anymore shipping fee's and you can get an update straight from us by emailing contact@strongstylebrand.com 


Q- Can I cancel my order?
A- If your order has not entered production and/or been shipped out yet you can cancel it. Please email us at contact@strongstylebrand.com to see if you are able to cancel an order.

Q- How can I get sponsored or affiliated with Strong Style Brand?
A- Please visit our Influencer Program page